If you have any ideas please let me know. I figured that maybe it would be able extract some kind of image that was compatible with the 3com server. Rental car lied [ Automotive ] by Jan Janowski. Are the bootnet and bootdisk files using hard coded path names now i. Accept all other defaults.

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Do all of these steps on your Ghost Server!! You could also set up a linux box for PXE instead of the 3Com software.

Don’t use it any more but it was a great tool! I just started playing around with pxe for the first time. I then used the 3Com software to make an image of the floppy track by track so the PCs could use that image to boot from.

I’m sure this has been done already in multiple threads but I thought I’d share with you how I’ve managed to get my computers pxe-booting to Ghost over the network in just FOUR steps Widespread Centurylink Outage this 3xom When the PC boots, the PCs downloads a menu of bootable images from which the user can choose. Novell is now a part of Micro Focus.

I use this method so I don’t have to make 60 CDs or 20 floppies for the students to do an ftp install of redhat.

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memtest86 via 3com PXE server? – No, I Will Not Fix Your #@$!! Computer | DSLReports Forums

These services are 3comm turned off and the XP box now only runs the ghostcast servers. Hope this is useful. PXE files that you have just renamed.

I first wanted to try to use our 3Com PXE boot files on the Novell side of things, which worked well and then afterwards tried combining the ZENworks files. However when I use the 3Com software to make the image, 3fom resulting image boots but I can’t install redhat 8.

Again the floppy I create using rawrite works.

Most Active Forum Topics this week I downloaded the beta of 8. I had no problem PXE booting using the bootable binary image after decompressing it. PXE to be the default boot pce and set the timeout to one second.

It looks like other tools work pze Comment 3 Jason What util out there will let me convert the floppy or cd versions of memtest into the. When I setup the menu to install redhat 8, the PC boots from the image, but it can’t find the ramdisk or kernel images. Cabal to syslock Premium Member Mar-9 3: Looked thru all the downloads off the memtest web site and have not been able to find the archive with this folder embedded in it.

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The time now is What if you use the 3com server to boot into the syslinux pxe image, and then use that to boot the linux disk image? I get the error messages “could not find ramdisk image” and “could not find kernel image”. I have used rawrite to create a bootable floppy using the bootnet. Something changed in the way the bootnet.

[syslinux] 3Com PXE server

Comment 6 Jason I have a ghost console box at work that has the 3com pxe server setup on it. That’s how I have it working. I had it setup like this and once booted it would be the same as doing it from a CD, you can type in which pxxe to connect to. Comment 1 Jason