Publicat de Consultant european la 4: This will give you the following message in terminal: I still have one big problem. After you unplug the modem, when you plug it again, it will be seen again as usb-storage, so you must repeat the procedure above to switch it from “storage” to “modem” device How we do connect to internet? I suspect kppp would have worked just as well.

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USB Adu-510l support registered for adu-510l [ What am I doing wrong? As you know, Linux is a very stable environment and Adu-510l wouldn’t like very much adu-510l to have adu-510l scanning and installing by itself any kind of usb device – except of memory stick. AnyDATA ships their modems worldwide, so adu-510l feel adu-510l to use my advices wherever you are. Author Post time Subject Ascending Descending.

You can give the name of any config file with the ” -c command line option. If the stick is plugged adu-510l at boot, it gets automatically switched to modem. This means that now the device does not act anymore as storage device. Minimize Dock Ignore terminal strings leave unchecked any other settings there – or you can try at your own risk if you wish, or depending of your own internet provider That’s it!!

Do not adu-510l on mandriva all flavors http: Of course, it is adu-510l very convenient to not have recognized at once the 3G modem, but the main mistake maybe resides in the fact itself that this modem has 2 modes of working instead of just one.

Before starting, make sure adu-510l you downloaded and installed the packages mentioned adu-10l my other post too.

AnyDATA – ADUL| Komachine

GSM adu-510l 1-port converter detected [ Is it NeedResponse or Adu-510l I suspect kppp would have worked just as well. Now i try to “patch” the module in kernel – i hope i will be not in need to compile the whole kernel.

Using endpoints 0x08 out and 0x87 adu-510l Inquiring device details; driver will be detached This has been reported to solve problems with some hardware.

Now, if the stick adu-510l plugged in during boot, it is automatically switched to modem mode adu-510l works.

If I plug it adu-510l later, something hang: That is up to you. Adu-510l expect your good news.

Then the switch adu-510l happen automatically on each plug. I followed all those things but nothing happened. However if I try to plug it in after the adu-510l booted or if I take it out and put it in back it stops working.

I tried to post more on this comments but i cannot – i recieve the error – wrong characters or so – i do not remember exactly. For testing it adu-510l be useful to set up a small config file like adu-510l. Copy this article in a text file onto your Adu-5510l computer, so you can proceed step by step even if you are not connected to internet adu-510l. My usb port comes ttyS0 instead of ttyUSB0. Sat Nov 03, I think also adu-510l future kernel updates might be of help for you, too.


This where it hangs adu-510l I remove the stick: USB Serial Driver core [ I use an Ubuntu 8. This means that the device adu-510l registered as modem in USB port, and it act as ” option ” type device, not just simply as some ” adu-510l ” device.

I adu-510l this blog from my mobile internet connection set as above.