The handheld electronic device comprises a display unit, an electronic compass and a processing unit. The outdoor wireless modem is particularly disposed in the midst of and bridging a local-area network and a wide-area network established by a mobile communication network. The control device may be able to wirelessly communicate with the network devices via Wi-Fi. The first radiator has a portion with a width increasing gradually along the second direction. In accordance with the embodiment of the invention, the host system may recognize and connect to a peripheral device via an address while the peripheral device is linked to the host system.

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The mobile apparatus does not have to search the whole frame to derive the cell-specific MBS configuration.

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The second arcaryan pattern is disposed on the under surface, and comprises a first parasitic grounding arm, a second parasitic grounding arm, a connecting arm, a grounding plane and a grounding strip.

The coupling effect allows the second antenna member to activate a second band electromagnetic wave.

The capacitance element bridges the fourth radiating portion and the second radiating portion. A second end of the feeding part is connected to the second connecting end.

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New last 4 weeks. Structurally the antenna includes multiple antenna units which are oppositely corppration around the edges of a grounded substrate. The base station sets an indicator in a control channel allocation of a frame. The resonator group is disposed between the first antenna and the second antenna and separated from the first antenna and the second antenna. The key recognition method includes the steps of: The shapes of the first and the second connecting ends correspond to each other.


The SS is in a power-saving state. Thanks everyone for your help. The grounding strip connects the connecting arm and the grounding plane.

The dual band antenna includes a radiating element, a grounding element, and a connection element. The mobile communication device measures signal strength of the first ocrporation stations according to the first base station list. Each resource unit comprises a sub-block. Each of the two radiation portions is formed in a boot shape within a quadrilateral region having a first edge with a first length, a second edge with a second length, a third edge with a third length and a fourth edge with a fourth length.

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A connecting member electrically connected to the substrate is formed at the lower half of the body, and associated with the radiating member. The feeding terminal is connected to the third side of the first radiating unit and the antenna-mounted surface of the substrate.

Thereby, operationally, when the temperature of the electronic element that is operating normally and reaches the first vaporization temperature, the first scent source is vaporized, but when the electronic element is operating abnormally for causing the temperature of the electronic element to be raised to a temperature higher than the second vaporization temperature, the second scent source is vaporized to be detected by users as a warning signal.

The wireless network comprises the base station and the mobile station. The module comprises a substrate, a ground terminal part, a feeding part, an antenna body, and a second connecting end. The isolation metal sheet is coupled between the first ground portion and the second ground portion.

A main access point is first selected. The micro-line unit includes a first terminal, a second terminal and a feeding point. The antenna is in a rectangular structure and comprising: The substrate has a first surface and a second surface opposite to the first surface.


The actuating member exposed from the hole is for moving toward the USB connecting end. An acute angle is formed between the first radiating unit and the micro-line unit. The terminals are disposed at the supporting base, and connected to the circuit board. The first side is opposite to the third side, and the length of the arcavyan side is arcadyam equal to that of the third side.

According to a demand, the aspect of the present invention allows for modifying the signaling direction of the antenna by adjusting the mounting angle in an electronic device so as to modify the direction of radiation field intensity of the electronic device.

Therefore, the installation time is greatly reduced, human errors are also reduced, and the installation can be done correctly by ordinary technicians, which is advantageous to the promotion of G. The first radiation portion includes a first end and a second end. The method is used to solve the congestion collapse problem in network transmission. The control device may select one of the network devices as a designated device, and may control the designated device to execute the WPS connection process within a default time period before or after the target device executes the WPS connection process so as to establish the WPS connection between the target device and the designated device, whereby the target device may wirelessly communicate with the designated device via Wi-Fi.