Fujitsut needs to get on the ball, off the wall, and into the halls with their software. The new iX apparently has a processor […]. Previous post Next post. Learn how your comment data is processed. September 9, at 6: December 31, at 4: Occasionally I do want to scan in a photograph to include it in a document, and my graphics application needs a TWAIN driver.

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January 14, at 3: Anyway — just something else I remembered I wanted to say in my rant against Fujitsu having done this to us.

The scan quality is second to none. In short, ScanSnap is designed to provide users a refreshing alternative to the traditional scanning methodology, offering an easier way to transform paper that is as uncluttered and unfettered as the results themselves.


March 24, at 3: April 23, at 5: This all makes my blood boil. It is a small comfort to know we are not the only ones suffering scansnal site.

It still works and is supported on Windows 7 64 bit. Unfortunately, we got this one and then moved to a new office and lost the disc with the software.

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Thanks for the info Bruce. This site scanxnap Akismet to reduce spam. November 15, at 1: Yet another reason not to make home brewed software.

November 20, at 5: Again — love the scanner — hate the software. It was a nightmare — poorly organized pages, and a hellish experience that required filling in forms with the indecipherable serial number from the scanner and waiting for an email with a download link. Great post on this scanner.

Fujitsu ScanSnap Compatibility | DocuWare

February 26, at 3: While large businesses were garnering the benefits of document scanning, consumers and small offices were relegated to using simple flat-bed scanners and multi-function printers.

Though most ScanSnap adopters appreciate how easy it is to use ScanSnap to scan their paperwork and become more organized, few throw up the hood to understand all the things working behind the scenes that make this scanner so easy to use. Previous post Next post. As for TIFFs — really?

It might just be tujitsu software update. It would only be able to show two pages here, ten pages there, with a date stamp. I design software for municipalities and had planned to distribute this as part of my package My software currently uses several other brands of scanner, but the Fujitsu looked very appealing because of it speed My software scans directly into my program which files using my own method usually by parcel IDand provides a thumbnail.


The instructions are easy. Fujitsu advertised that as a strength. The new iX apparently has a processor […].

December 9, at 3: I own and operate a small law practice and use the S for archiving purposes. But your overall point is absolutely true.

11844: Fujitsu Scanners – ScanSnap Does Not Work with Drake Documents, not TWAIN Compliant

Why save it as PNG? January 19, at I still see more of these Fujitsu scanners in offices than any other model.

May 3, at 8: Also, I want it to scan to PDF files for emailing.