Use the working elevator to get Indy up to the wooden platform and whip swing across the gap. Grab the second box of bits and carry it down to the other green plate. Later you’ll use it to jump across to the ledge on the right. Punch the slave driver a few times until he falls down. You’ll use these to reach the exit soon, but there’s more to do here first. The Original Adventures as an unlockable character.

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Place the LEGO part on the small, green plate near the edge of the lava pool. Jump on top of the green platform cart, jump to the area where the Maharajah is, and punch him again. Then climb the ladder to get back to where you started. If you’re playing alone, he’ll only go after the character you control. Begin by pushing the train car along the tracks to the end. Use Indy’s whip to raise the wooden ledge.

Carry it into the next room and place it on the green pad. Watch out for a Thuggee with a crossbow lurking over here if you didn’t get him earlier. The Thuggee Slave Driver is much stronger than most bosses in the game but can easily get hurt. Smash the boards blocking the exit. After completing the level, the Thuggee Slave Driver can be bought in the library for 18, studs. Sign In Don’t have an account? If you like, you can speed things along a bit by switching to your own small-sized character to pull the lever instead of freeing the slave child.


Jump off onto the ledge and then work your way around to the whip platform on the right. Climb to the right above the lava and then jump down into the tunnel ahead.

Thuggee Slave Driver | Lego Indiana Jones Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Treasure 3 [ edit ] Use Indy’s whip to pull down parts to build a handhold that will allow Willie to hop up and snag the treasure. Smash the cage to free the slave boy. At the beginning of the battle, he’ll be defeated easily but after he’s taken some damage, the Maharajah will heal him.

Use the conveyor to move the parcel across the lava.

Aim at the slave driver through the fence and throw. When you dig up the third skull, artifact 9 appears. Whip swing across the lava to the cave in the thubgee.


Treasure 5 [ edit ] Take care of the baddies then break the stuff under the platform holding the cage to find the Floor Switch.


For more info, see the Characters page. The Maharajah will heal him every time when Indy hurts him from now on so before he can be defeated, the Maharajah must be knocked out. Follow him to the last area using the top of the cart as a stepping stone.

Thuggee Slave Driver

Activate the Kali statue near the cage. In order to beat him, grab another bundle of dynamite from either one of the boxes.

Ride the lift to the ledge above. When it explodes, the slave driver takes damage. Place the Object on leog green pad manually and jump over to the platform on the right. Over on the right is a Box of Stuff. Walk to the end to get artifact piece 4.

Treasure 7 [ edit ] In the slaves’ cage is a Cog. The Slave Driver jumped to the conveyor belt transporting rocks to the Rock Crusher and threw boulders at Indy. Jump over to the first small ledge and use the whip to grab the part.