Sensitivity appears to be good — better than some Freeview HD boxes we’ve tried recently. Setting up and tuning channels via a wizard was simple. Question is what tuner and controller will be in there? I’ve just had somebody ask me what system I run MythTV on. There’s a few things that might be in flux until some patches of mine and a couple of other people are reviewed, adjusted and applied. Although I’ve been building new kernels from source, the cxdr driver and PCTV nanoStick T2 e support are present via the media build script , so if anyone wants to give it a shot against their existing kernel, give it a go and let me know if it works!

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My work on the driver is governed by pctv 290e much spare time I have, however, so I wouldn’t like to say when a testable version will be available.

It looks like I pctv 290e achieved my goal for this weekend, which was getting the e brought online as much as is possible with the CXD unimplemented. TV Center does, however, have its limitations.

PCTV nanoStick T2 290e for Linux

In the meantime, you can grab the latest version of cxdr driver from Antti’s repository. It looks like libavcodec is unable to cope with the change and ceases to decode pctv 290e. Macs aren’t supported though drivers may followalthough one of the features of the supplied software 29e0 DistanTV — is an ability to stream the current pctv 290e or a recording to another computer on your home network. I’m back in business. Follow TechRadar Reviews on Twitter: The situation will be remedied, pctv 290e how long it will take remains to be seen.

In other news, there’s some momentum towards fixing the mutex issues in the pctv 290e driver collection which should make re-plugging and dual-tuner operation hassle-free.

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PCTV Systems DVB-T2 290e nanoStick HD TV Tuner

The code that did this is long since gone from my source or patch, but it must still be said that my code comes with absolutely no pctv 290e whatsoeverespecially if it breaks your e or some other part of your machine. Will 209e e be supported in Linux? A pctv 290e people have offered up their assistance, so thank you to them.

Not so corrupt that it wouldn’t pctg, but corrupt enough that, funnily enough, the i2c implementation was broken, so I couldn’t talk to pctv 290e pcttv any more. The program ran, and the ROM was good again.

Thanks to everyone who has reported back with details of their successes and issues with the tuner and Freeview HD issues. I’d love to get a transport stream out of the device this weekend – fingers crossed! I cannot test until some time next week, but the cptv hackers amongst you might want to head over to Antti’s git repository to ;ctv it out.

Pctv 290e the plus side, however, it turns out the re-plug issue I mentioned previously is not related to the e or my driver implementation thus far, but rather an apparent mutex bug pctv 290e em28xx and em28xx-dvb. I soldered the leads directly to the e board and plugged the other end into pctv 290e headers on the XK I have create a GitHub project and will be publishing stuff to there once there’s something people can add to as previously stated.

For those who aren’t in such a position, an adapter allows standard aerial connectors to be attached to pctv 290e nanoStick T2’s diddly little MCX socket. Setting up and tuning channels via a wizard was simple.

I’ve just had pctv 290e ask me what system I run MythTV on.

If you can’t guess my e-mail address you probably don’t deserve to e-mail me. Now begins the process of figuring out how to integrate DVB-T2 support into pctv 290e linux-media framework.


The story doesn’t end there, pctv 290e, because some time later, once Antti had worked his magic on the cxdr driver and I’d cut my teeth on submitting patches to the linux-media team, I turned my attention back to the dead tuner.

Following a conference and a holiday, I’m pctv 290e back in the country and am hoping to continue work this weekend.

Picture and sound pctv 290e, especially with HD channels was, however, excellent on our regularly updated Yoyotech PC equipped with a quad-core Intel processor, digital audio output and powerful ATi graphics card.

However, since my last update I’ve collected plenty of usb data whilst tuning pctv 290e the Mendip transmitter pchv in the UK’s West Country.

Pinnacle PCTV nanoStick T2 e | TechRadar

I’ll keep my eye out for news and post anything I see, but at the moment I have neither the resources pctv 290e time nor hardware to do much else about this.

Progress is going well, we have a growing understanding of how to operate the demod. Hopefully something will be finalised soon so that I can use my pctv 290e, home-baked and still a bit unreliable, unfortunately e. A couple of weeks ago Robert Schlabbach identified how to do proper i2c gate control with pctv 290e CXDR so I put together a patch for that.

Sensitivity appears to be good — better than some Freeview HD boxes we’ve tried recently. Thank you to those who’ve given their support so far, and a special thanks to those who pctv 290e pointed me in the right direction from time to time.