Up to three units operational. The guitar loses a little bit of “3D” life. The main problem is that the Firewire cable also has power wires. It’s the worst case, distortions for input and output separately are lower, they match the ones published in the specifications. Manufacturers sometimes add a DSP effect processor. It was really transparent, and the pre-amps were better than anything DBX I was using at the time. WDM DirectSound with stereo and multi-channel support.

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Adding gain does not add much noise at all, so you can rest assured that you will get a clean recording. We recorded audio in the 32 float format. Digital filters have a linear firefce. Ok, Rme fireface 400 give it a Rme fireface 400 10 in quality because it is friggin transparent.

When several Fireface devices are connected simultaneously up to three unitsthe mixer view can switch between them.

RME Audio Fireface 400 Digital Recording Interface

The thing I don’t want is to be hearing the DAC giving me this beautiful image, while the source firefcae sounds like something else. The renowned Fireface shares the same driver, allowing mixed setups.

Rme fireface 400 Firefzce web site publishes a list of recommended and inadvisable controllers. Babyface Out of production! It’s only really become clear to me the rme fireface 400 I have listened to it, at first it just sounded clear and detailed which it is in bucket loads to this day but I noticed the more I used it the less I wanted to boost my highs, making translating to other mediums somewhat of an issue.

First of all we tried to hear the difference between mixes by ear. Was there a thread on this I missed? Of rme fireface 400 the Gme offers a second FireWire port for hub functionality. I know its a pain to unpatch your monitors rme fireface 400 to bounce. To avoid potential problems, both the unit’s internal power supply and the protective circuits at the FireWire port were specially designed and thoroughly tested.

RME Intelligent Audio Solutions – Fireface

Up to three devices can be connected to one FireWire interface and operated rme fireface 400 parallel. The list of famous users of RME products: They will be my go-to for audio interfacing solutions in the future, and with each new product things just keep getting figeface and better.

The same applies to the balanced rear analog outputs 1 to 6.

The only thing that I did find an issue with this unit was the single knob on the front of the interface; it is rme fireface 400 to be rme fireface 400 internally as I had the misfortune of doing accidentally in one session by knocking it with my elbow and it had to be sent back to RME for a fix, since the knob design has a clipping mechanism inside the actual chassis itself rather than a small pot outside which then has the knob on top, like most knobs do.

They break through wire isolation and damage delicate electronic components. On the physical level, the company uses Texas Instruments chips – the best solution for the Firewire interface. Inputs 3 and 4 are extremely flexible balanced universal inputs.

As it’s difficult to stick to the principle of reasonable sufficiency, many beginning sound producers rme fireface 400 computer musicians seek devices with incredibly high parameters, while the rest of the audio section, monitors in the first place, do not match even the cheapest interface. The included TotalMix software is great for setting up your routing and it can all be done from the computer without having to use the knob on the unit, if this way works best for you.

The feel of the actual knob is very solid though, and as long as you are careful, it won’t break on you. For the price of what is out there, if you like ease of use, and the honest representation of your music The manufacturer explains that there are fundamental differences in the RME architecture and Rme fireface 400 products from other manufacturers. We’ve heard no difference, as in case with changing Aurora channels.

The included switching power supply accepts voltages from to V, thus rme fireface 400 be operated all over the world. Part 3″, written by Julian Dunnpublished in Audio Precision, we can analyze loopback vs.

The only foolproof upgrade path from here is either rme fireface 400 one of the newer RME units or a MH Labs interface, but this one is serving me well so far so I have no real need to upgrade. Of course, these 8 channels are available simultaneously with the analog channels. Imprint Terms of Use Privacy Policy. It was really transparent, and the pre-amps were better than anything DBX I was rme fireface 400 at the time. So you’ll have to study the manual.

There are two reasons for clicks and drop outs:.