Firewire audio interface with minimalist design but putting an emphasis on quality. I have a high-end hi-fi system and several hundred vinyls. Don’t have an account? They are updated regularly. This is a great product for people who want to record or mix outside of a studio and don’t want to use up all their room with an interface designed for studio use.

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Same when you work and you need to mount the headset volume, we get a quick breath and therefore quite difficult. The Reverb on the monitoring path sounds amazing. I chose it mainly because of its interface beautiful while facade style mixer.

DI function tf also very good. It was more stable, had many more opportunities and routing flexibility. In that case it gets very hard to tell any difference with the source.

TC Electronic Desktop Konnekt 6

For this its perfect! Skin care Face Body. But I love the tactile aspect and the headphone volume separately! Even today I consider it first-class, because at this price point it doesn’t have any real competitors.

The TC Electronic Desktop Konnekt 6 is a 2 in and 4 out firewire interface that has a built in preamp and comes with recording software. It’s a great way to use two powered monitors inexpensively or to provide a boost in sound quality to passives using the headphone jack. The device offers excellent sound quality for the price with great quality D-A convertors that work at sample rates up to kHz. I plug in an instrument or microphone from time to time. A priori, there is no reason that it does not rotate properly.

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My problem was that I was having some driver issues between the interface, Acid Pro and my computer. It allows you to concentrate on music by limiting the potential technical problems. With a volume control independent from the computer – between deesktop computer and the active speakers – you can always turn down the volume, no matter what your computer does.

TC Electronic Desktop Konnekt 6 Audio Sound Card Fire Wire | Souq – UAE

To install my friends, is simple. As an aspiring musician, I intend to also use it to record piano, guitar, vocals, but that wasn’t what motivated my purchase in the first place.

Log in Become a member. On my E-mu, Hi-Z input is 10k ohms which is far too little a deterioration of sound treble loss when you want to use it with a guitar or bass.

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So for Dollar you get this interface and also two great clean fantastic preamps standalone – but they sound only realy realy good when they get not converted by the interface TC Electronic Desktop Konnekt 6. Big volume knob The volume control is the knob that you use all the time.


Unfortunately, does not work yet with Lion but hoping for drivers to be released soon. Built-in software reverb also available for tracking.

Remained the Line 6 M-Audio does not attract me. Bye-bye to untimely dropouts and crackling pots and connections This is not fatal but good. It comes with everything you need right out of the box to start recording and that is a huge bonus.

So a priori rather good cam.

Tech Specs – Desktop Konnekt 6 | TC Electronic

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