My wife has one, and I have yet another one at the office along with a keyboard to be plugged in to my laptop when I go to the office. Man, best mouse ever. I have looked at a lot of track balls.. Only recently has my interest in trackballs been renewed since I have developed wrist cramps from using the standard mouse. I may have to send it to the guy on eBay to repair it. I was thinking, this guy is crazy.

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I work with explrer and have had to resort to a regular mouse in the past. The first time I used my TBE, it was just for fun.

The only thing I wish I could do 10. with a trackball is draw on Isketch. If only the device itself was shaped somewhat differently. Actually I do use a Wacom tablet for painting textures. A question from me as well, i bought this mouse a few years ago, till i read this article i didnt know they didnt make them anymore.

This one puts the click button under the thumb, and the index finger controls the ball. Amazon USA will not sell this. People just love to buy things they have no inkling on how to use.

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So, I had to take out the red cup that held the ball in placecut part of the trackbal so it wouldn’t interfere as well as take a sculpting knife and carve out about half the thickness of the red cup as well. The TBE has a ball 46mm in diameter.

Trackball Explorer | Device downloads | Microsoft Accessories

Startup mode should mean that they actually listen to their customers. Get the nearest Japanese Restaurant to order? Hopefully one will finally come out before mine stops working. It was the first mouse I every purchased and it has been my last.

This smooth operator is worth getting, if you can find one. You would think a simple search on Ebay would show Microsoft what kind of demand ex;lorer still is for this product. Twisting the ball works surprisingly well.

The obsessions of an electronics freak: Mini-project: Fixed my Trackball Explorer

I discovered quite by accident that the bearings can be removed quickly and easily by simply using a can of compressed air. I never thought of this, is there a trick to it certain angle, etc.

It seems to be working just fine now… thankfully! So put another small dab of glue on the circuit board and pressed into place. It must be purchased from Amazon. With regards to removing the bearings for replacement The Microsoft Trackball Explorer has a beautiful red light surrounding the ball, which lights up more intensely when you move the ball. Thats telling me this must be a prototype done around OMG I love this thread! Ball works fine but both the right hand side buttons don’t work.


Didnt realize that it was discontinued. Im very fond of him. I love my TBE. No laptop user wants to have a USB interface.

Microsoft Trackball Explorer 1.0 USB Ergonomic

I changed the steel balls in my TBE. Carefully separate the bottom from the top. Do I use the not edplorer good one for as long as it lasts maybe years—maybe far less to save the good ones.

Ball in the middle with 4 buttons around it. If I have to switch, I might need a support group.